Choose Home Security Options You Can Trust

Crime is everywhere. That’s why protection of your home and its inhabitants is so important. Choosing the right home security system can help keep your home safe from burglars, vandals and intruders, as well as threats to your well-being from fire, smoke and carbon monoxide poisoning. In your search, American-made equipment, security app interactivity and home monitoring are what you need to look for in a security system.

Security Monitoring You Control

Interactivity is the most exciting feature you need. Cutting edge wireless technology will allow you easy access to your system from anywhere at any time. With it, you can adjust settings, turn it on or off at will, and monitor things from the convenience of any computer or smart device. The custom alerts you set let you know by text or email what is happening at your home in real time if you are away. If you are at home, the two-way communication system will let you easily talk with the monitoring station when help is needed or to avoid false alarms.

Video Monitoring Takes Home Security to the Next Level

Take protection of your home and loved ones to the next level with strategically installed video cameras. With online access to live video feed you can actually see what is happening in or around your home, no matter where you are. Real time alerts notify you so you can watch, to determine if help is needed or if it is just a false alarm. Set your system to record when select events occur and share those recordings with law enforcement.

Home Automation and Energy Management: Real Advantages for Today

Home automation and energy management are additional advantages that top quality security companies offer. With such technology, you have the option to connect other systems in your home like HVAC, electronic locks and lights to your home security system, for flexibility of control. Set up a schedule and have systems in your home stop, start and adjust at specific times or when other events trigger them. Wouldn’t it be nice to always come home to an illuminated house or one that is the right temperature? Home automation and remote control of home systems using your home security system lend themselves naturally to energy management, because heat, AC and lights do not need to be on when the home is empty. You save energy and money through the use of your trusted security system.

Say yes to a home that has the protection you desire. Enjoy the advantages of a high tech security system.