Home Monitoring & Surveillance Systems: When Only the Best Will Do

Looking for a low price but effective home security monitoring to protect your home and loved ones? Explore the benefits of the many plans and options available to you. Some even offer custom home security packages designed to fit the specific needs of our individual customers.

When faced with an emergency – home invasion, fire, injury or other type – and you look to the two-way communication device that is a part of your home security system, you want to know that the person on the other end is a professional who will react swiftly. When time matters, your future is in the hands of the person monitoring your home. Knowing that center is Five-Diamond certified brings you peace of mind that everything will be okay. This type of certification is something you need in your next provider.

Understanding the Certification

Five-Diamond certification sets home monitoring centers that use it apart from the competition. Only the very best monitoring centers in the nation, which have met the stringent requirements of this Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) certification, receive the Five–Diamond distinction. Less than 2% of stations nationwide qualify.

Five Diamond Certification means:

  • Center staff are more trained and specialized than others.
  • The center is committed to a reduction in false alarms.
  • The center is additionally certified by an independent testing lab such as UL, FM Global or Intertek/ETL.
  • The center promotes excellence in the industry.
  • The very best customer service possible is the norm.

These Five-Diamond call centers assess calls quickly and confidently, when possible gathering information from those in the home. When speed matters, they dispatch quickly so that help is on the way to you. Using the two-way communicator, they alert those in the house that help is coming. Their professional training ensures that the situation is handled swiftly and accurately.