Free Home Security Tips & Advice to Make Your Home Safer

Your actions can make a world of difference when it comes to maintaining the security of your home. Just owning a home security system is not enough. While it may deter the lazy criminal, many of the people casing homes know that a vast number of home security customers regularly leave the system unarmed. Keeping yours on and armed will greatly increase your chance of staying safe. A variety of other tips can help to keep you and your home from becoming a target for home invasion.

A few Basic Free Home Security Tips

Always arm your home security system, whether you are at home or not. Too often homes are broken into when residents are there, which can create a dangerous situation for those in the house. If you are away and have forgotten to arm your system, the interactivity from many top systems lets you arm your home alarm system from anywhere.

Test your home alarm system on a regular basis. While most home security systems are dependable and top quality, you should check to make sure that your system is functioning properly about every 30 days.

Be sure to use adequate sensors throughout the home. All entry points–doors and windows- should have sensors. High risk areas inside your home–such as a gun cabinet or medicine cabinet–are also good areas to place sensors for optimal protection.

Video monitoring ensures that you have added protection when you are at home or away. Events trigger recordings so you have something to share with law enforcement. Triggers can also send notification to you so you know who is approaching your house or trying to get in, no matter where you are. Offsite storage of videos ensures against tampering.

Free Home Security Tips & Advice to Make Your Home Safer Set email or text alerts from your system in order to know exactly when something unusual happens at your home. This way you can know what is happening in real time and prevent situations from worsening or avoid false alarms.

Keep your shrubbery trimmed especially close to the house. This ensures you are not providing a hiding place for intruders. It also ensures better visibility for video surveillance.

Keeping your home, its contents, and especially your loved ones safe is your concern and our specialty. By implementing these important safety tips and working with a trusted home security provider you will be on your way to creating the haven of security you want and need.